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In MICOMDOOR we have a long history of manufacturing automatic doors of the highest quality, with innovation and superb design as our trademarks. With really attractive prices, we offer our customers products that represent excellent value for money.

Based in Murcia (Spain), MICOMDOOR opened its doors in 1977, with a clear commitment to become a benchmark within the field of automatic doors. Since then, everyone in the company has worked consistently and single-mindedly to achieve this goal.

Enthusiasm, hard work and the search for our own identity as a manufactures, are the values which have enabled us to create the range of automatic doors “MICOMDOOR” a brand that today means innovation, expert design and above all quality with very competitive prices. Evidence of this is MICOMDOOR’ accreditation as holder of the ISO 9001 quality certificate.
As manufactures of automatic doors, our unwavering commitment to the highest standards has enabled us successfully meet the challenges we have faced in our 30 years’ of history. This is a evidence by our successful expansion into international markets, offering our customers superb automatic doors at the best prices. MICOMDOOR automatic doors are in use today in Europe, Asia, and South America, etc.

The challenge for our company as a manufacture of automatic doors is to achieve excellence in our products, while offering an unbeatable price-quality relationship that will lead us to further expand our horizons. The prices of automatic glass doors gives customers access to the most innovative system for much less than they imagine.

And all this without forgetting the most important thing for us: the satisfaction and trust of our customers. Their contributions have been a constant stimulus for improvement for our company year on year. Together with our customers and our team, we wish to maintain our identity as a family business but with a global outlook.
That is how in MICOMDOOR we keep on opening doors.

Directorio Industrial de FREMM